The schedule for the Fall 2019 program will be released in Spring 2019.

General Program Schedule:

September 1 Challenge brief released
September 19 & 25 Q/A Sessions, 9pm ET, 6pm PT
September 30 Applications due
October 6 Acceptances issued
October CommUnity monthly online course begins
December 15 Phase 1 – Deliverables Due
March CommUnity monthly online course ends.
March 24 Phase 2 – Deliverables Due
April 5-8 Phase 3 – Oral presentations and judging at the ESW Annual Conference
April – May Winner will schedule and host a call with the ESW Projects and Education Dept., project team, and community partner to further project development

Webinar Schedule

October Resilience, Communities, and Engineering
November Identifying and Working with a Community Partner
December Thinking Bigger, Tackling Socio Economics and Resiliency
January Refining and Managing Project Scope
February Troubleshooting session
March Troubleshooting session