Please submit below by March 15, 2021 at midnight EST.

Teams should focus in on one or two  topic area(s) in collaboration with partner organization and community members to create  one specific project to improve resilience and sustainability in that area.

Your report should address the thought process behind choosing the main topic, why that issue is most relevant to your community, and how the issue impacts affect different parts of the community differently. You should consider how your project will affect your community, how you will ensure resiliency planning involves equal access throughout the community, and how you will assess your project’s success.

Your deliverable for Phase 2 is a 2000-3000 word narrative with accompanying visual aids that addresses how your proposed projects will meet local needs and improve resilience. Teams must address socioeconomic and environmental justice concerns.  Checklist of criteria are listed below:

    • Identify main infrastructure topic and why it was chosen for  the project
    • Socioeconomic and environmental justice considerations
    • An approximate timeline for completion of the project
    • Budget table
    • Potential project implementation team and stakeholders